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Detal price
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR 4.5800 4.6290
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 4.3600 4.4300
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.1875 0.1908
Great Britain pound Great Britain pound GBP 5.2800 5.3550
Swiss franc Swiss franc CHF 4.7500 4.8200
Denmark crown Denmark crown DKK 0.5100 0.5680
Sweden crown Sweden crown SEK 0.3850 0.4300
Norway crown Norway crown NOK 0.3320 0.3570
Hungary forint Hungary forint (100) HUF 1.1600 1.2100
Albania lek Albania lek ALL 0.0441 0.0468
Georgia lari Georgia lari GEL 1.6500 1.7790
Israel shekel Israel shekel ILS 1.0800 1.1800
Japan yen Japan yen JPY 0.0292 0.0319
Canada dollar Canada dollar CAD 3.1900 3.2550
Mexico peso Mexico peso MXN 0.2100 0.2750
Bulgaria lev Bulgaria lev BGN 2.3400 2.4800
Romania leu Romania leu RON 0.9200 0.9680
Australia Dollar Australia Dollar AUD 2.7400 2.8290
Thailand baht Thailand baht THB 0.1230 0.1319
Turkey lira Turkey lira TRY 0.1610 0.1740
Ukraine hryvnia Ukraine hryvnia UAH 0.1090 0.1150
China yuan China yuan CNY 0.5700 0.6650
UAE dirham UAE dirham AED 1.1400 1.2100
Kyrgyzstan som Kyrgyzstan som ISK 0.0293 0.0319
Brazil realBrazil real BRL0.9295 1.1795
Chile pesosChile pesos CLP0.0038 0.0058
Dominican pesoDominican peso DOP0.0700 0.1000
Egypt poundEgypt pound EGP0.1300 0.2100
Indonesia rupeeIndonesia rupee (1000) IDR0.2500 0.3700
Jordan dinarJordan dinar JOD5.6000 7.2000
Kenya shillingKenya shilling KES0.0250 0.0450
South Korea wonSouth Korea won (100) KRW0.3000 0.4500
Macedonia denarMacedonia denar MKD0.0700 0.0900
Maldives rupeeMaldives rupee MVR0.2000 0.4000
Malaysia ringgitMalaysia ringgit MYR0.8000 1.1500
Morocco dirhamMorocco dirham MAD0.3800 0.5500
Mauritius rupeeMauritius rupee MUR0.0750 0.1400
New Zealand dollarNew Zealand dollar NZD2.4000 2.8500
Oman rialOman rial OMR9.0000 13.9000
Peru solPeru sol PEN1.1000 1.4000
South Africa randSouth Africa rand ZAR0.1900 0.2900
Cape Verdean escudoCape Verdean escudo CVE0.0350 0.0520
Seychelles rupeeSeychelles rupee SCR0.3100 0.4500
Singapore dollarSingapore dollar SGD2.6078 3.1078
Taiwan dollarTaiwan dollar TWD0.0700 0.2000
Tanzania shillingTanzania shilling TZS0.0016 0.0030
Tunisia dinarTunisia dinar TND1.3000 1.6400
Vietnam dongVietnam dong (100) VND0.0155 0.0298
Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $)
Euro Euro EUR 4.0000 4.5150
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 4.4000 4.9000
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.1000 0.1950
Great Britain pound Great Britain pound GBP 3.6000 5.2500
We issue the evidence of buying and selling currencies for companies
Exchange office Grand Katowice

Exchange office Grand Katowice

40-092 Katowice
ul. Mickiewicza 22

Withdrawn Swiss francs 8 series
Withdrawn banknotes wholesale prices
Swiss francs 8th seriesSwiss francs 8th seriesCHF84.4820
England old poundEngland old poundGBP4.9380
Australia old dollarAustralia old dollarAUD2.2060
Czech old crownCzech old crownCZK0.1310
Canada old dollarCanada old dollarCAD2.3820
Swiss old francSwiss old francCHF4.0530
Hungary old forintHungary old forintHUF0.0070
Falkland Islands poundFalkland Islands poundFKP4.9380
Guernsey poundGuernsey poundGGP4.9380
Ireland poundIreland poundIEP4.9380
Jersey PoundJersey PoundJEP4.9380
Scotland poundScotland poundSCP4.9380
Isle of Man poundIsle of Man poundIMP4.9330
Germany markGermany markDEM1.6910
Estonia crownEstonia crownEEK0.2640
Belgium francBelgium francBEF0.0800
Slovakia crownSlovakia crownSKK0.0950
Latvia latLatvia latLVL5.4920
Lithuania litLithuania litLTL1.0910
Luxembourg old francLuxembourg old francLUF0.0890
Croatia old kunaCroatia old kunaHRK0.5000
Slovenia tolarSlovenia tolarSIT0.0190
Withdrawn banknotes Detal price
Swiss francs 8th series Swiss francs 8th seriesCHF84.2900
England old pound England old poundGBP4.9100
Australia old dollar Australia old dollarAUD1.8500
Czech old crown Czech old crownCZK0.0970
Canada old dollar Canada old dollarCAD2.1600
Swiss old franc Swiss old francCHF3.8100
Hungary old forint Hungary old forintHUF0.0036
Falkland Islands pound Falkland Islands poundFKP4.5100
Guernsey pound Guernsey poundGGP4.5100
Ireland pound Ireland poundIEP4.5100
Jersey Pound Jersey PoundJEP4.5100
Scotland pound Scotland poundSCP4.5100
Isle of Man pound Isle of Man poundIMP4.5100
Germany mark Germany markDEM1.6400
Estonia crown Estonia crownEEK0.1760
Belgium franc Belgium francBEF0.0680
Slovakia crown Slovakia crownSKK0.0060
Latvia lat Latvia latLVL4.7700
Lithuania lit Lithuania litLTL0.7500
Luxembourg old franc Luxembourg old francLUF0.0870
Croatia old kuna Croatia old kunaHRK0.5000
Slovenia tolar Slovenia tolarSIT0.0190
The exchange rates do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law and may be interpreted only as information.

Cantor Grand

On our website, we present the current exchange rates in the Grand exchange office, which is located in the center of Katowice on Adama Mickiewicza Street, near the Synagogue Square. On the website www.kantorykatowice.pl you will also find other interesting information about currencies and promotions. Our currency cashiers update the rates on a regular basis, which always guarantees the best price. Kantor Grand has been operating on the currency market for ten years - many years of experience guarantee professional and quick service for individual clients and business entities, as well as security and discretion (at the client's request, it is possible to use a separate cabin). Our wide offer currently includes over a hundred currencies - on the main on the website there are exchange rates at wholesale and retail prices that you can exchange when visiting Kantor: euro, British pound, US dollar, Swiss franc, Czech koruna.

online courses

Since last year, we have expanded our offer with online currency exchange offices, where, as in stationary branches, you can exchange currencies (currently there are thirteen of them) using the tools available on the web. Today, Kantor Internetowy has become a new tool, especially promoted in the media - television, radio and the Internet, which is why our company also decided to build such a tool using its own experience. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform through which you can make a financial transaction through bank accounts. If you want to check how an online currency exchange office works, learn about its advantages, please visit our website, just click on the link above.

Cooperation with other exchange offices

We invite you to cooperate in the field of currency exchange exchange offices from the city of Katowice and the surrounding area by carrying out a transaction via a bank account. We care about cooperation with exchange offices from the Silesian Voivodeship and neighboring provinces, we are able to offer the best prices and the ability to negotiate prices. The area of activity is: Częstochowa, Siemianowice, Katowice, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Piekary Śląskie, Rybnik, Tarnowskie Góry, Zabrze, Gliwice, Sosnowiec, Żory, Wodzisław Śląski and other large cities in Silesia. Negotiate the price. Why pay more when you don't have to. We invite you to negotiate prices with our currency cashier to obtain a price that will satisfy you and be the most attractive for both parties, it must be noted that the price you get depends on the amount you want to exchange at our point, the higher the price, the better price we can offer . Check the current exchange rate of the most important European, American and Asian currencies offered by the exchange office. Europe, Asia, America are the largest currency markets in the world and their means of payment are most often exchanged in our premises. Currency transactions. On the currency market, you can notice large fluctuations in exchange rates, prices are set on the spot at the exchange office. For people who want to be able to book prices over the phone, they can deposit an advance as security for the course. To make a transaction in our exchange office, the advance payment is not binding. Already at the point, the transaction will be carried out and the exchange rate will be consistent with the telephone conversation. Going on vacation. Our company, apart from the offer of exchanging many of the most popular currencies, also conducts activities related to the sale of tourist offers, currently we have five travel agencies located in the Silesian Voivodeship. We cordially invite you to our travel agency in Katowice where you can book holidays, trips, buy coach and air tickets, we have qualified staff with many years of experience in the sale of tourist services.

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- invisible for other people.

Location of the exchange office Grand in Katowice

Location of the exchange office Grand in Katowice

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